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Blood, Gore & More!



Simply drop/instantiate the all in one BloodyMess prefab into your scene & ....


you've got yourself a BLOODY MESS.

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********************************** KEY FEATURES *******************************

Screen Splatter / Damage -

Make any 2D texture splat on the screen, for any duration, with any amount of delay.

Surface Splatter / Stain -

Stain the walls, ground or whatever you choose, with whatever sprite you like. Randomize the colour & size or pre-define it in the inspector.

Splatter Particle Systems -

Creates Surface Splatter on particle collisions. Use a provided particle system or add your own.

Object Exploder -

Litter the scene with body parts or maybe even balloons, the choice is yours, use whatever GameObjects you like. Make them explode outwards or even randomize their scale.

Object Shake -

Shake the camera or any GameObject. Adjust both the duration & the intensity of the shaking via the inspector.

Kill Cam -

Designate a camera as a "KillCam" and the script will switch to it either every time or randomly. Includes slow motion & other features.

Mess Manager -

Manage / remove the total amount of splatter & litter in the scene, in real time according to predefined settings in the inspector.

Audio System -
Control sound effects for each individual element, including; when the prefab starts, when splatter hits the screen & when particles hit a collider.
Randomize the pitch & pan of every sound, every time it plays according to a min/max set in the inspector.

BONUS - Almost all the above features are controlled from one easy to use prefab!!

************************************** EXTRAS **************************************

FREE 2D Raycast Controller -

Simple controller that can walk, run, jump, wall slide & wall jump. (Think Meat Boy)

- Includes FREE Sound Effects,

Textures, Sprites, Materials and More!

- Full Documentation.

- Demo scenes are also Included.

******************************** FUTURE UPDATES *******************************

Here are a few features intended for upcoming updates.

Slice & Explode:

Slice a selected sprite or 3d mesh & litter the scene with resulting pieces in a majestic explosion of body parts.

Object Pooling:

This feature was intended with initial release but was overlooked. Planned to be added with next Major Update to help optimize your games.

Full 3D Support:

Although many of the current features already work with 3D, it is not currently supported in this version.

More Demos / Tutorials / Documentation:

This asset is intended to be as user friendly as possible & a little extra documentation will go a long way to making that a reality.

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Suggestions for new content are welcomed & will be added to backlog.